Girls' Abayas and Farasha Kaftans: Discovering Modest Elegance in Islamic Fashion

Girls category consist of girls Abayas and Farasha Kaftan which comes under the modest dress by modest clothing manufacturers. Each of the Children Abaya range consists of designer style abayas created taking the latest trend of Islamic fashion in mind. There are many styles and colors available in each range of girls Abaya. Islamic clothing for girls is made using high-quality fabric and accessories. From heavy embellished work to classic plain colour options we have every possible design available of children's abaya dress. Most of our Farasha Kaftan range and children's abaya dress includes colourful statement piece made with good quality Georgette fabric. Unique design, embroidery, detailed handwork is done on each of the girls Farashas and children's abaya dresses. The girls' Abayas are loosely fitting and designed on the latest trend of Modest Fashion. The girls' category offers you a wide range of Islamic girls clothing at affordable prices by wholesale Islamic abaya distributors, modest clothing manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in the UK that suit all needs.

FAQs on Girls Abaya & Islamic Clothing

1. What distinguishes the Designer Girls Umbrella Abaya?

The Designer Girls Umbrella Abaya stands out with its elegant umbrella cut design tailored specifically for young girls. It embodies a blend of style and comfort, perfect for various occasions.

2. How does the Golden Handwork Girls Farasha differ?

The Golden Handwork Girls Farasha boasts exquisite handcrafted detailing, adding a touch of luxury to its design. This unique feature sets it apart from conventional designs.

3. What defines the Loose Relaxing Silhouette Girls Moon Cut Style Embroidery Kaftan?

This kaftan offers a relaxed fit with a captivating moon cut style embroidery, elevating its aesthetic appeal and ensuring comfort.

4. What characterizes the Well Designed Stylish Girl's Black Colour Nida Abaya?

This abaya showcases a sleek and stylish design in timeless black. Its versatile style caters to various occasions, combining fashion and functionality effortlessly.

5. Why choose the Classic Black Nida Abaya?

The Classic Black Nida Abaya stands as a timeless choice with its enduring design, quality craftsmanship, and ability to complement diverse fashion preferences.

6. How does Al Haram London ensure quality in their Islamic clothing?

Al Haram London maintains strict quality control measures to ensure excellence in their Islamic clothing. Each garment undergoes thorough inspection, focusing on material quality, stitching precision, and overall design. The company sources premium fabrics and employs skilled artisans dedicated to crafting high-quality products.

7. What types of Islamic clothing does Al Haram London offer?

Apart from Abayas, Al Haram London offers an extensive array of Islamic clothing including Hijabs, Jilbabs, Modest Dresses, and Kaftans. These categories encompass a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes, catering to diverse tastes and occasions.

8. Can retailers purchase Islamic clothing wholesale from Al Haram London?

Yes, Al Haram London provides wholesale options for retailers seeking to purchase Islamic clothing in bulk. Interested retailers can directly contact the company to explore wholesale pricing and procurement processes. This option allows businesses to stock a variety of Islamic clothing items to meet their customers' needs.

9. How does Al Haram London cater to a global market?

Al Haram London reaches a global audience through strategic partnerships, distribution networks, and an online platform. The company offers worldwide shipping, enabling customers from various regions, including the UK, UAE, India, and beyond, to access their Islamic clothing. Additionally, multilingual customer support ensures effective communication with diverse clientele.