Men's Thobe for Wholesale Tailored in High-Quality Fabrics

Our men category range includes traditional clothing style for men like thobe or Jubba. These long tunic and mens hooded thobes are tailored using high-quality Korean Polyester, Cotton, Spun fabrics. The men's thobe available in UK majorly consists of 2 major ranges, the designer thobe, and plain thobe. Designer Men Thobe style is available in a variety of colours using high-quality fabric to give a better finish and durability. Both the men’s designer thobe & jubba, and plain thobe consist of high quality buttons, zips, hoodies, etc. All mens Moroccan thobes are perfect for a simple yet sophisticated style. The addition of morocco style thobe in variety of colours is an add on to our thobe range. The luxury mens thoubes and jubba are among the most demanded attires from our brand in UK, USA and all over the world. 

Most of the men’s Thoubes available has unique closure like round neck pullover, long sleeve, full length and with varieties of pocket style, hoodies, etc. All our mens jubba & thobes are relaxed and a stylish way of turning everyday Thobe look as well as special occasion look more stylish. Wear our mens thobe clothing available in UK & USA that is comfortable to wear with soft-touch, breathable, quick-dry, skin-friendly and durable fabric. Our range includes, mens hooded thobes, plain jubba, plain thobe, designer thobe, designer jubba, omani style thobe, and more.

FAQs on Men's Thobe

1. What is a Men's Thobe?

A Men's Thobe is a traditional long robe worn by men in various Middle Eastern and South Asian countries. It's commonly worn for religious events, formal occasions, and everyday wear. These garments come in diverse designs, colors, and fabrics, reflecting cultural diversity and personal preferences.

2. How to Choose the Right Men's Thobe Size?

Selecting the correct size involves accurate measurements of the chest, shoulders, length, and sleeves. Referencing Al Haram London's size chart ensures finding the ideal fit based on different styles and designs.

3. What Fabrics are Commonly Used in Men's Thobes?

Men's Thobes are crafted from various materials such as cotton, polyester blends, linen, and high-quality fabrics like silk. Each fabric offers distinct qualities in terms of breathability, durability, and overall appearance.

4. Can Men's Thobes be Customized for Wholesale Orders?

Al Haram London, a leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier, often provides customization options for bulk Men's Thobe orders. This includes variations in fabric, color, embroidery, and sizing to meet the specific needs of wholesale clients.

5. How to Care for Men's Thobes?

Proper care involves following Al Haram London's provided care instructions, typically recommending gentle machine or hand wash, avoiding harsh detergents, and ensuring appropriate drying methods to maintain fabric quality and color.