New arrival category includes all our latest products including abayas, jilbabs, thoubes, farashas and other Islamic products. All the products in this category are from our latest collection that has been designed taking the new fashion trends of the Arab world in mind.

Women and girls Islamic clothing include varieties of colours, designs, and work done on each Abaya and Farasha Kaftans, including Jubba Collection. Spice up your special occasion look by picking up your favourite design from our New Arrivals in Jubba collection. Pair our Islamic clothing Jubba collection with basic accessories to enhance the look and feel. All the abayas are made of high-quality fabric majorly Nida, Pine Nida. While most of our Farashas are made using Chiffon fabric to make you feel soft and comfortable. Our designer men and boy Thobe includes both plain and designer jubba collection in new arrival category. The Jubba collection and Abaya new arrivals have fabric mostly as Korean polyester, Cotton, Spun with traditional and contemporary designs. All the fabrics used in the new arrival section includes high-quality durable material that is lightweight and breathable at the same time.

FAQs on New Arrivals Islamic Clothing

1. What types of Islamic clothing are available for wholesale purchase at Al Haram London?

Al Haram London offers a diverse range of Islamic clothing for wholesale purchase. Our collection includes traditional attire like abayas, hijabs, jilbabs, and kaftans, crafted with quality fabrics and intricate designs. We also provide modern Islamic wear such as modest dresses, tunics, and modest activewear suitable for various occasions.

2. How does Al Haram London ensure the quality of its wholesale Islamic clothing?

Quality is paramount in our wholesale Islamic clothing. We meticulously source premium fabrics, ensuring durability and comfort. Our production involves stringent quality checks at every stage, guaranteeing superior craftsmanship.

3. Can wholesalers customize Islamic clothing orders at Al Haram London?

Yes, we accommodate customization requests for wholesale orders. Customization options include colors, sizes, and designs. Our experienced design team collaborates closely to bring unique visions to life, ensuring personalized and tailored Islamic clothing.

4. What regions does Al Haram London cater to for wholesale supply of Islamic clothing?

We extend our wholesale supply globally, spanning the UK, USA, UAE, India, and across the globe. Efficient logistics and reliable shipping networks ensure timely delivery to our diverse clientele worldwide.

5. Does Al Haram London offer competitive pricing for wholesale Islamic clothing?

Indeed, we provide competitive pricing without compromising quality. Our commitment to affordability and value-driven pricing structures ensures wholesalers can access premium garments at competitive rates, enhancing their business profitability.