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Exuding the heart of Arabic traditional fragrance. Dahn Al Oudh gives an aura of Arabian splendor. Its enthralling scent basks in the purity of Dahn Al Oudh with superb blends of Indian and Cambodian tones. The scent of Masculine and confidence, Dahn Al Oudh Haneen is a fragrance to make your statement and leave a lasting impression of elegance only the finest offering of Makkaj perfume can offer

FAQs on Perfumes

1. What defines Amber Afeef EDP 100ML?

Amber Afeef EDP 100ML is a refined fragrance showcasing warm amber notes coupled with floral and woody accords. Its allure lies in an elegant composition leaving a lasting impression with its rich scent.

2. How does Amani 20ML Pack differ from Afrah 20ML Pack?

Amani 20ML Pack presents floral and oriental notes, evoking sophistication, while Afrah 20ML Pack offers a more vibrant, fruity undertone, catering to different preferences.

3. What distinguishes Antarctica EDP 100ML?

Antarctica EDP 100ML stands out due to its unique blend of fresh, crisp notes evoking an adventurous, icy landscape-inspired experience.

4. How is Chaudh Extreme EDP 100ML unique?

Chaudh Extreme EDP 100ML is notable for its intense, spice-infused scent, captivating with its exotic ingredients and long-lasting aroma.

5. What makes Farouche EDP 100ML a compelling choice?

Farouche EDP 100ML is appreciated for its harmonious blend of floral and musky notes, ideal for various occasions, seamlessly transitioning from day to night.

6. What types of perfumes does Al Haram London offer for wholesale supply?

Al Haram London offers a wide array of perfumes for wholesale supply, catering to various preferences and markets. Our selection includes exquisite floral scents, intense woody notes, and captivating oriental fragrances.

7. How does Al Haram London ensure the quality of its wholesale perfumes?

Maintaining impeccable quality is a priority at Al Haram London. We uphold quality through rigorous checks at every stage, sourcing, and adhering to international quality standards.

8. What markets does Al Haram London serve with its wholesale perfumes?

Al Haram London's wholesale perfumes reach diverse global markets, spanning regions such as the UK, UAE, India, and beyond. Our offerings are tailored to different cultural preferences and markets.

9. Can Al Haram London accommodate specific customization requests for wholesale perfume orders?

Certainly. Al Haram London accommodates customization requests for wholesale perfume orders. We offer personalized fragrance formulations, packaging customization, and flexibility in bottle sizes and labeling for private label options.