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Wholesale Abaya Dress & Jilbabs, Farashas, Kaftans, Mens & Boys Jubba, Thoubes, Children Abayas, Online Modest Islamic Clothing Manufacturer UK

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Business Type:       Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler
Location: Middlesex, United Kingdom
Main Products:Modest Islamic Clothing UK, Abaya Jilbaab, Farasha Kaftan, Thobes Jubba, Children Abaya

and Thobes

Al Haram is an industry-leading manufacturer and wholesaler of a vast range of Islamic clothing products and accessories in UK and all over the world. With over 10 years of experience, we have grown and adapted to suit the needs of our clients across the globe.

We currently supply to hundreds of Islamic stores, websites and online retailers modest clothing in UK. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and use our expert designers and tailors to incorporate modest clothing in UK with current clothing trends. This helps us to create best-selling products of the best quality. We cater modest clothing in UK including abayas and other men’s Islamic clothing in the major part of Europe. We are one of the leading Hijab Manufacturers who deliver the best-quality hijabs, abayas and other Islamic clothing to all its clients be it men, women and even children.

As we are manufacturing hijab, abayas, jilbabs, thobes and other of our products ourselves, we eradicate the hassle our clients may experience when searching for a reliable wholesaler or manufacturer for their business. We dedicate a large proportion of our time in sourcing the best and most durable fabrics, accessories and leading tailors in our production process. Each item is individually checked by our quality control to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied that they receive the finest quality products. Due to our extensive experience in this sector, we have watched the growth of Abayas, Jilbabs and Thoubes as a prominent choice of modest clothing for Muslims in the west including UK. Consequently, we now understand how these products are becoming increasingly popular in communities all over the globe. Over the past decade we have seen and contributed to the change in portrayal of the average plain black abaya into something more personalised and identifiable with the wearer. A growing consumer of our products has been the younger generation who may sometimes need something more colourful or in a fabric which they would feel more comfortable wearing. This has allowed many youngsters to transition into modest clothing and gain a more intimate appreciation for modest and Islamic clothing in UK and other places.

Another aspect we had to consider when designing our Abayas was the practicality of these for modern Muslims in the west, which look for modest clothing in UK. This took some tweaking by our design experts to produce products using fabrics that would be comfortable for everyday use. We then started to consider how different fabrics would be needed for the various types of weather we may encounter. We successfully launched Abaya coats and other various winter wear products, & modest clothing which gained high approval by our clients across the U.K, Europe and North America. We as abaya, jilabab, thobes, & hijab manufacturers also began to create lighter wear using fabrics like chiffon to make the products ideal for use in the summer.

Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Modest Clothing UK

·         Specialize in;

·         Women’s Abaya Dress & Jilbabs, Farashas and Kaftans

·         Men’s & Boys Thobes and Jubba

·         Children Abaya

·         Designer and Customized Abayas and Jilbabs

·         Decades of expertise in Modest Islamic Clothing UK.