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Cool Islamic Clothing Trends 2019

01 Feb 2024

Cool Islamic Clothing Trends 2019.

Clothing and fashion trends have evolved and invaded our lives. Islamic fashion trends are no exception. Modest Islamic clothing is one of the most significant niches of the fashion world that has been growing very fast. With the coming of so many designers, fashion influencers and runway shows, Islamic clothing trends have evolved a lot in 2019. Let's have a look at the most happening trend of this year, 2019..

A lot of new designs and clothing types are ruling the current Islamic fashion all over the world.

Understanding the right scene of Islamic clothing and sticking on the principles of modesty is what the 2019 trend has to offer. When it comes to premium modern abaya, the design range has gone far. The high-quality fabric and designs to meet the various requirement has segregated women Islamic clothing in the best way possible.

To meet the demand of all occasions, special occasion wears Abayas are trending in the market. While for women who want to wear traditional classic abayas has the right combination of modesty and high-end designing.

TThe emergence of stunning hand made Embellished jackets is currently in vogue among women as well. Pairing it up with plain Abayas will end up boasting pure luxury. Such heavy work modest attire is designed with a unique aesthetic that matches the needs of every occasion, whether it is a wedding, eid or just any other casual evening.

Not just women but the recent Islamic trends offer the widest range of designer, glamorous men's thobe as well. The recent designs are more sophisticated with special emphasis on the front and collar area. Also, the cuts and designs done on the closure area using buttons and zip make the Thobe stand out at any occasion. The recent market has got a mixture of contemporary, urban style mixed with Islamic aesthetic. On the other hand, everyday plain thobes depict simplicity. Most of the premium Thobe can be seen as having a clean silhouette topped off with embroidery trim.

If you are looking forward to purchasing a new trend in Islamic clothes, then check out the amazing collection of Al-Haram London at and choose the one you like. It won't be wrong to say that the Islamic clothing style has kept the traditional value amazingly intact while giving a fresh outlook to modest wear. Before opting for any trendy designs make sure you get the best quality fabric nida abaya for a good flow and comfort. Steady of going all blinky stay stylish and sophisticated by option for high-quality embroidery and embellishment work. We hope you will make a good purchase after reading the blog. Cover yourself in modest wear from head to toe in the most stylish way this year.

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