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Modern Abayas - Keeping Traditional Values with a new Outlook

01 Feb 2024

Modern Abayas - Keeping Traditional Values with a new Outlook

Abayas, couture, common among women of Gulf countries, is a long piece of loose fitting dress used to cover the cloth that a woman is wearing. Abayas are popular in women following the Muslim religion. It is believed to maintain the sanctity of the women's pride and honor in the society.

As per Muslim tradition, women should not disclose their bodies and cloth. Therefore it is compulsory for all women to cover themselves underneath a burqa or abaya. The black color of the cloth is preferably chosen because black is an opaque color and it does not reveal what is worn inside the abaya.

How to wear Abaya?.

Abaya runs from head to toe with a single piece of cloth but it is also available without the head piece. It can be paired up with a beautifully designed or printed hijab. Niqab which is made up of plastic material, another piece of accessory to be worn with abaya. The plastic piece is wrapped in some other material and is used to cover the face except the eyes.

With time Abaya has changed significantly. Alterations have happened and now the latest abaya styles by latest dubai abaya manufacturers are taking over the market. Abaya to be known by its black color has left behind this perception. With breaking the stereotype, the modern day abayas are present in multiple colors and patterns. The floral and multicolored pattern is often noticeable.

There is a scientific reason behind changing the color of abayas from black to other colors. Black doesn't radiate the heat, it only absorbs. So it didn't comfort women draping it over their clothes. Bringing multiple colored abayas into fashion helped women overcome this issue and the availability of different colors offer them a wide array of choices.

Still in some countries black is followed traditionally as the color of Abayas. In UAE, black is the color of abaya and is worn by every woman irrespective of the religion. This compulsion has made this piece of cloth a symbol of social integrity to eliminate the class differences. On the other hand, few countries have liberated their women to choose the color of their abayas.

Recent Changes in Abaya Styles

From simple to jewel studded abaya, the latest abaya designs and variations have come a long way. The jewel or gold work on abaya ranges from a few hundred to thousand dollars.

Latest Abaya designs in Dubai

Abaya manufacturers and suppliers in Dubai are quite artistic with the renaissance of the abaya. However predominantly the color of the abaya is black but now comes in intricate designs with thread work, embroidery, gems, and stones studded, bridal abayas, etc. In Dubai, the latest abaya manufacturers supply custom made to the designer burka, hijab, abayas, etc..

The Bottom Line

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