Elegant and Affordable: Discovering Traditional Islamic Clothing for Girls

Traditional Islamic clothing for girls includes woollen abayas, jilbaab, closed abayas and open abayas made from high-quality Nida, Pine Nida and blended breathable fabric. Some of our girls closed style abaya and open abayas feature a belt for a perfect fit. The length of garment such as jilbaab and abayas for girls is designed to fit girls from the age group 12-16 years with flexible fitting since the fit of girls Abayas & Jilbaab are flowing and non-form fitting. Our well-made girl's abayas are cheap, and have got minimal design to heavy design that will suit all your daily needs and special occasion. All the jilbaabs and abayas are full sleeves with full coverage. The work all over our beautiful Girls Abaya made of Nida fabric is unique. Embroidery work design makes our jilbaab, and cheap abayas stand out and create an effortless statement look. From classic black abaya to colorful one decorated with colored embroidery, lace, and sequins to even woollen abayas, and jilbaabs, everything is available at Al-Haram London at a cheap price. Our Woollen abayas are made of high-quality wool to keep children warm during winters.