Wholesale Plain Nida Abayas Collection

Our affordable range of wholesale Muslim Abayas design consists of a beautiful selection of wholesale Plain Abayas with stonework on the high-quality Nida fabric. This everyday Plain Nida Abayas range, from a leading burkha manufacturer, is great for casual wear as they are made for comfort Nida fabric with minimal work of stone. The simplicity of Plain Abaya range is stylish enough for your day to day wear. Get the best wholesale abaya deals and add this affordable Nida abaya designs range to your Modest Wardrobe.

The minimal and simple elegance of our Everyday Nida Abaya wholesale range, from a leading burkha manufacturer, is your economical solution for a casual range of plain abayas online. Our wholesale Nida Abaya design is made from beautifully rich material and is available in many stunning colours as well. Our Nida abaya range is one of the best wholesale abaya deals that you cannot miss. The open and closed pattern of Black Nida Abaya often comes with matching belts which are included to create a fitted look. These wholesale abaya from UAE Burkha manufacturer also includes plain Abayas, printed Abayas, solid colour Abayas and classic black abaya (Black Nida Abaya) for spring and summer. Choose from our wide range of wholesale abaya from UAE Burkha manufacturer.

FAQs on Plain Nida Abaya

1. What Defines a Plain Nida Abaya?

A Plain Nida Abaya is a traditional garment made from durable Nida fabric, offering both comfort and modesty. Al Haram London, a leading manufacturer, exporter and wholesale supplier, offers these abayas in various solid colors, catering to women globally. These abayas ensure a graceful silhouette while adhering to cultural modesty standards.

2. How Are Al Haram London's Abayas Unique?

Al Haram London distinguishes itself through meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our abayas blend traditional styles with modern trends, ensuring superior finishing and wearer comfort. Each piece undergoes stringent quality checks, guaranteeing a high-quality product.

3. Are these Abayas Suitable for Wholesale?

Certainly, Al Haram London provides Plain Nida Abayas for wholesale supply. Our competitive pricing for bulk orders ensures profitability for wholesalers without compromising quality. The versatility in designs, colors, and sizes caters to a diverse customer base, making them an ideal wholesale offering.

4. Why are Black/Solid Colour Abayas Popular?

Black/Solid Color Abayas hold popularity due to their timeless elegance and versatility. They offer a classic appeal and are easy to style for various occasions, from formal events to everyday wear. These abayas have become wardrobe staples due to their adaptability.

5. Where Can I Find Al Haram London's Abayas?

Al Haram London distributes its abayas globally, reaching beyond the UK, UAE, and India. We have established networks and distribution channels worldwide, ensuring accessibility for customers, retailers, and wholesalers across different regions. Visit us - https://www.wholesaleabaya.com for more details.

6. What are the different types of abayas available?

Abayas come in various styles, fabrics, and designs. Some of the common types include:

1. Plain Arwa Abaya: This classic style offers a simplistic, elegant look suitable for various occasions. Made from quality fabric, it exudes sophistication.

  • Classic design for versatile wear
  • Quality fabric for durability
  • Suited for different events

2. Open Abaya with Lace Work: Featuring intricate lace details, this style adds a touch of delicacy to the classic black abaya, made from Nida fabric.

  • Intricate lace work for aesthetic appeal
  • Black Nida fabric for elegance
  • Blend of classic and ornate design

3. Premium Close Abaya with or without Belt: These abayas offer a close fit and are often made from premium Nida fabric. The addition of a matching belt accentuates the waistline.

  • Premium Nida fabric for luxurious feel
  • Close-fitting design for a tailored look
  • Optional matching belt for versatility

4. A-Class Fine Nida Fabric Abaya: Known for its quality fine Nida fabric, this style provides both comfort and a refined appearance.

  • Fine Nida fabric for comfort
  • Quality construction for lasting wear
  • Balanced blend of comfort and elegance

5. Belted Farasha Abaya: This style features a belted design, providing a flowy and flattering silhouette with a touch of sophistication.

  • Belted for a defined silhouette
  • Farasha style for graceful flow
  • Elegant and flattering design

7. Which occasions are suitable for each type of abaya?

Different abayas suit various occasions due to their designs and fabrics:

1. Plain Arwa Abaya: Ideal for everyday wear, including work, casual outings, or gatherings with its versatile and classic design.

  • Work meetings or office wear
  • Casual outings with friends/family
  • Gatherings and events

2. Open Abaya with Lace Work: Suited for semi-formal to formal events such as dinners, parties, or cultural occasions due to its elegant lace detailing.

  • Dinners or formal gatherings
  • Parties or celebrations
  • Cultural or special occasions

3. Premium Close Abaya with or without Belt: Depending on the presence of a belt, it can transition from formal to semi-formal settings, making it suitable for work events or special occasions.

  • Work-related events
  • Formal gatherings
  • Special events like weddings or ceremonies

4. A-Class Fine Nida Fabric Abaya: Suitable for everyday wear due to its comfort yet refined appearance, making it versatile for various occasions.

  • Daily wear for comfort and elegance
  • Casual outings or errands
  • Informal gatherings

5. Belted Farasha Abaya: Best for occasions where a flowy, elegant look is desired, such as weddings, formal parties, or cultural celebrations.

  • Weddings or receptions
  • Formal parties or events
  • Cultural or traditional celebrations

8. What fabrics are commonly used in making abayas?

Abayas often utilize specific fabrics to achieve desired styles and comfort:

1. Nida Fabric: A popular choice due to its softness, durability, and elegant drape, making it suitable for various abaya styles.

  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Durable for long-lasting use
  • Offers an elegant drape

2. Chiffon: Known for its lightweight and sheer quality, chiffon is often used in abayas to add a graceful and flowy element.

  • Lightweight and airy
  • Sheer quality for a delicate look
  • Adds gracefulness to designs

3. Jacquard: Recognizable for its textured patterns woven into the fabric, jacquard adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to abayas.

  • Textured patterns for elegance
  • Adds sophistication to designs
  • Unique visual appeal