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Abaya and Jilbab - Best Combination of Tradition & Fashion

09 Jan 2024

An Abaya isn't just any ordinary fashion attire, It is in fact a part of the rich Islamic tradition and culture. With time, this traditionally loosely fitting garment worn by Muslim women has undergone many changes by increases in styles and elegance without compromising in comfort and modesty.

In the past, the modest dressing was associated with just a plain black abaya, including a robe and a niqab. In addition to this the fabric options were very limited, consisting of mostly polyester. Over recent years, all-season polyester replaced itself with a more comfortable and breathable fabric of cotton abayas. This can be seen in the fabric now ranging from rayon, polyester, cotton, chiffon to mixed fabrics, the options are limitless. To amplify the beauty of Abayas & Jilbab UK, the world of modest wear has gone under some trendy design changes as well.

What can be better than combining this traditional outfit with the latest trend of each season?

What hasn't changed till now is the way an Abaya beautifully holds the traditional values of the Islamic world. Each new season comes with its own unique and popular trend. Shop the latest pick of abaya wholesale London by keeping the design of Abaya and fabric in mind. Thanks to the designers who are constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to create designs and conceptualize this classic garment which is rapidly changing the meaning of modest wear fashion all across the globe. Nowadays, a lot of new trends can be seen in terms of new colors, designs and intricate handwork containing high-quality stones, sequins, embroidery, and embellishments.

These new trends with the abaya must have given you some ideas on how this classic clothing style is changing so gracefully without losing the values and tradition it holds. Abaya, as a traditional dress has already spread its wings even outside the Middle East. Accompanied by the hijab and jilbab, it is an outfit that most women like to carry as a style statement in their everyday life or while heading outdoors. Abayas in the post-modern world are designed to cater to women of all lifestyles and professions. These elegant yet modest designs are embodied by women who require an elegant look for work or study alongside those who require much more stunning abayas for evening and occasion wear.

Abaya and Jilbab have seen a rise in popularity amongst a vast number of women who are beginning to become more inclined towards modest fashion. As a result of the wide audience of appeal, the huge demand for Abayas is no longer just for Muslim women and is growing beyond Religion and Tradition. To meet the demand, Al Haram London has come up with thousands of beautiful designs to choose from. You can get customized Abayas & Jilbab as well while placing wholesale or retail orders.

Al Haram London is a wholesale hijab manufacturer and Hijab wholesale suppliers in the UK. Follow our blogs to see how Modest wear is changing and evolving in the coming years. Take a look at some of our great Abaya, Thobe, Kaftan designs now for all ages.

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