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How to Select Perfect Abaya & Jilbaab for You?

Women Islamic clothing is ruling the fashion world, Hijabs and Abayas are one major attire of Islamic fashion. It won't be wrong to say that this combo has flooded the web and high streets. Even women from all across the world are going gaga over the new design approach to Abayas and Jilbaab designs. This growing popularity of Islamic fashion has turned the spotlight towards creating more designs and variations in modest wear. To enhance the beauty of this modest attire it is recommended to explore the wide range of different styles, patterns, and colors that will go for every occasion and look.

Abayas are a major part of Islamic women's life. It is worn as an everyday attire as well as occasionwear. This long lose tunic is designed to cover skin from top to toe. Therefore Abyaya shopping is an everyday affair for women. Before making your next purchase online or buying it from a shop, read some useful tips that will help you to select perfect Abay and Jilbaba for you.

Abaya & Jilbaab being a fully covered dress requires full attention on the fabrics, colors, designs and even to the tiny details.

                                                             Nida abaya - 30119

Abaya & Jilbaab will only look flattering if it compliments your body type. Therefore finding the right wholesale Abaya deals must be given prime importance.

A quick shape guide is given below to solve all your doubts related to body type and perfect fitting.

1. Women having a pear-shaped body type should look for Abayas& Jilbaab with tight sleeves that flares out well. This way the focus gets distributed and your complete look will get enhanced.
2. Women embracing Apple shaped body type should go for a loose-fitting Abaya. It will be a perfect dress for you if you are looking for daily wear. While for special occasions Abaya & Jilbaab with a streamlined simple silhouette will suit this particular body type.
3. Women having an hourglass body type should involve a looser fit at the top and a wider bottom. Abayas having such a silhouette will embrace hourglass shape even more and make them look more beautiful.
4 The rectangle-shaped body type should go for a similar silhouette that is box shape Abayas. Such Abayas are loose from all sides to complement the look.

Al Haram London has a huge range of Abayas designed for different occasions and styles. They are divided into 6 ranges. Each range makes sure you get exactly what you want from your Abaya Dress. Have a look at them and purchase abaya at wholesale prices.